Moodle is a Learning Management System, that can be hostet on it own and with whom it is possible to deliver learning material and tasks online to the students. The platform makes it possible to create rooms for each course to which you can assign students and teachers with the goal of providing digital versions of content of the course. Results can be checked by the teachers with the help of Moodle, because tasks can be assigned, the result can be evaluated and a feedback can be added to them.

  • The dashbord provides the teachers and students with an overview of their courses and upcoming events. The timeline can show you, what assignments have to be done and when they have to be done.
  • Couse overview
  • Task overwiew
  • Here returned assignements can be seen and assesed by the teacher. The student is the only one who can see the teachers feedback to his task.
  • The chat makes it possible, to communitcate with the students individually. Messages can also be sent to every participant of a course.
  • Chat