Joining in digital freedom

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The schul-frei project is a hub for free software in education. That means that several organizations and single persons are involved in the project. Everyone who shares the goals of the project and wants to work on our ideas, procedures, materials and standards is welcome.

Even a passive participation for example through "only reading" and "asking questions" is desirable.

Open chatroom

Each person who pursues or engages to the project can read and write in the open chatroom. So you stay well informed about topical plans and developments and can take part in Idea development or even take on specific tasks. The chat room can be reached in different ways — the chatrooms on the different platforms are connected via a bridge. That is why everyone can join, independet of his choosen technologie.

Via Jabber webchat it is possible to participate fast, for example for just looking into the chatroom.

XMPP (Jabber)

The open standard XMPP is our primary chat platform. There can be the chatroom joined by every XMPP-client. The address is:

You can also join the chatroom as webchat by any webbrowser.


Who uses the alternative Matrix can join the chatroom with

The terms of use of do not allow their usage by younger people, so we don't recommend Matrix.


Telegram user can join the @schulfrei chatroom. Because Telegram isn't a free service, we don't recommend it.


The internet relay chat is the oldest but still activ chat standart which is used in software development. Our IRC channel is #schul-frei in the freenode network.

Freenode is also avaiable as webchat.

Source Code

The schul-frei project and all components are public developed on a gitrepository. There are all sources from the integrated projects, materials, the website and many more. As platform we use our group on edugit.

All solutions from the schul-frei canon are public developed too.